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March 14, 2016 Karen Popp Internship


The Intertwine Alliance ( is a coalition of more than 140 prominent private firms, public agencies and nonprofit organizations working together to integrate nature more deeply into the Portland-Vancouver region. The Alliance was built over many years, but was formally launched as a nonprofit in July 2011. Today, The Intertwine Alliance is a virtual “who’s who” of organizations with a stake in green infrastructure in Portland. The Alliance has a staff of 4, a budget of a little over $300K and our office is located at 2100 SW River Parkway in Portland.

Project Description

The Intertwine Alliance is implementing a new program by which The Alliance will identify, support and connect a wide range of projects and programs in the Portland region. In short order, we expect to have  fairly broad “inventory” of the major projects currently being undertaken related to parks, trails, natural areas, conservation education, youth engagement, equity, public engagement, and much more.

These projects will be organized on our website to show how they work together to achieve the Portland-Vancouver region’s “green” goals. Each project will be profiled, including a project description, an indication of the outcome and goals the project is working towards, and a listing of the resources needed to complete the project. The Intertwine Alliance’s role will be to help connect each of the projects to the resources they need, including partners, technical expertise, funding, communications, and staff support.

This position would assist with the launch of this new program. As a partner in The Intertwine Alliance, this new Alliance program gives Portland State University an opportunity to more strategically support parks and conservation programs and projects in the Portland region. One of the roles of this position will be to work with The Alliance and PSU to set up a program by which PSU may place interns and/or direct resources to projects and programs listed in The Alliance’s project “inventory.” PSU’s interest is to further the University’s mission to become meaningfully involved in the sustainability of the Portland metropolitan region.


This position will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Assist Alliance staff in gathering information about the projects and programs submitted by Alliance partners, and about the organizations sponsoring these projects.
  • Assist Alliance staff in organizing the projects into a strategic framework, helping to identify the community goals accomplished by each.
  • Assist Alliance communications staff to integrate this information to create functional and strategic web pages for these projects.
  • Work with the Institute for Sustainable Solutions and other departments within PSU to identify how PSU can use the new Alliance program to direct resources and place interns. Establish a process and framework for PSU to use towards this end.
  • As time allows, the position may also provide some assistance to specific projects and programs identified through this new program, and will also have responsibility to assist the Alliance Office Manager with some administrative tasks.


Position is open to students with various qualifications. Please make clear in your cover letter how your skills and experience relate to the position.

Applicants must be currently enrolled in a PSU undergraduate or graduate program and enrolled for the duration of the internship.

Compensation and Time Commitment

Compensation: graduate students: $1500 per term ($500 per month); undergraduate students: $1,200 per term ($400 per month prorated for number of days worked).  This position is being funded through a generous grant from the Institute for Sustainable Solutions to support students in sustainability careers.

Time Commitment: 12-15 hours per week depending on organization and student needs.


The internship will start as soon as a candidate is selected and will end on June 30, 2016

Application Deadline

Open until filled.  Review of applications will begin immediately.  Applications received by January 15th, 2016 will be reviewed in the first round.

How to Apply

To verify your status as a PSU student, please email your name and student ID to Please indicate “Intertwine Alliance Program Development Internship” in the subject line.  Once your status is confirmed, you will be sent the full application instructions.

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