Koch Fellow Program: Policy

March 8, 2016 Karen Popp FellowshipsHumanitiesNon-US Citizen OpportunitiesU.S. Citizens

The Koch Fellow Program: Policy uniquely combines policy work experience with professional education. Through the program, fellows are connected to policy and research roles at more than 80 think tanks and non-profit organizations across the country, as well as directly with professors. Alongside this in-depth work experience on a variety of federal and state issues, fellows undertake a rigorous curriculum of market-based policy analysis, participate in professional education seminars, and engage in theoretical discourse on the ideas of a free society.

Award: Participants will receive up to $4,500 (10 week summer program) or $6,300 (14 week spring program).

Disciplines: Social Sciences, Public Affairs.

Application Deadline: April 6, 2016

Visit Koch Fellow Program: Policy for more information and application.

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