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The Fellowships Fund Inc. (FFI) awards fellowships for 4 to 5 women doctoral students who want to do their studies in Queensland, Australia for up to 3 years.

There are two types of fellowships: one extended fellowship tenable for up to three years and several one year fellowships. Applicants may apply for both types in one year.

FFI seeks to fund future scholars and leaders. Applicants from outside of Queensland, Australia are expected to start or continue graduate studies at a recognized tertiary institution in Queensland. A satisfactory progress in research work must be evident for subsequent stipend payments to be made. A final typewritten report is required at completion of the Fellowship, and should include information about any publications arising from the funded study.

Award: The annual value of the Fellowships is linked to the value of Australian Postgraduate Awards (APAs) plus 10%. An APA stipend is $28,849 AUD ($22,300 US) for a full-time student.The annual stipend is paid in two parts, usually in January and July.

Citizenship: There are no citizenship requirements.

Disciplines: Open to all fields.

Deadline: 06-30-2016

For more information and application instructions, please visit FFI Freda Bage Fellowship.

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